27 January, 2022

» TitanEra starts the cooperation with Yuzhnoye State Design Office (SDO)

TitanEra will manufacture titanium test products for the Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K. Yangel based on the Memorandum of cooperation. The SDO will carry out internal tests and then the companies will discuss regular orders.

The Memorandum sets the ambitious goal for TitanEra: to replace the import of titanium products in Yuzhnoye SDO. Moreover, the companies are discussing the development of new materials based on titanium alloys and bimetals for SDO product lines.

“The cooperation with globally recognized research and development enterprise in the sphere of rocket and space technologies is a great challenge for us. But we are definitely ready to take it. Our flexibility and scientific potential enable us to quickly cover the design office requests. Unfortunately, I can not disclose the names of the first parts. I can only say that it is quite an interesting task and highly important for the whole Ukraine”, shared Andriy Brodsky, CEO of TitanEra.

In the frames of the Memorandum of cooperation, the companies strive to enhance the use of Ukrainian titanium in the space and military spheres by implementing additive technologies.

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