TitanEra is a Ukrainian producer of titanium powder and final goods based on its own innovative Titanera Process.

Titanera Process allows for obtaining affordable titanium and its alloys much cheaper due to generating valuable byproducts. It significantly reduces energy consumption, production time, and generates zero waste.

The company has started construction of a pilot plant for the production of titanium powder and goods in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.

The lines manufacturing pilot products have been launched at the Velta RD Titan research center.

Plant capacity: 500 tpa of final titanium goods.

The purpose of the pilot plant is to confirm the technical and economic parameters of the Titanera Process and enter the market of titanium goods. The next step is to scale the project with a multiple increase in production, both in Ukraine and abroad.  

Our mission is to give humanity a technologically advanced and environmentally safe base-material for a higher quality of life.

Titanera Process: green, fast, and energy-efficient
Titanera Process is a breakthrough electrochemical process consisting of 4 stages and involving the direct reduction of the oxide to titanium powder, bypassing the stage of creating a titanium sponge.
No solid or liquid waste
No Cl2;
No aggressive environment at 120 °C
2 times faster

CO2 recycling

High value-added by-products
Titanera Process is a modern alternative to Kroll’s energy-intensive, expensive and low-performance process.
The outdated method consists of 7 stages, including chlorine and waste generation.

Powder metallurgy: high-quality, fast, and affordable

eliminates or minimizes machining since finished goods have a high accuracy of shape and size
production time is reduced by several times
waste material is very low compared with other conventional metal shaping processes, about 97% of the starting materials are used in the part production
density, or conversely porosity, can be accurately controlled to suit particular requirements
decreased number of contactors for customers
cost savings compared with alternative processes
Titanera sources the feedstock for its pilot plant from Velta’s mining and processing complex, one of the few private producers of titanium feedstock in Europe.
As of January 2021, the company’s ilmenite resource base amounts to 6 million tons.