Our goal is to build a number of integrated manufacturing facilities for the production of titanium powder and final goods.

Our vision is to create a New Era of Titanium and give humanity a technologically advanced and environmentally safe base-material for a higher quality of life.
Titanium has a high corrosion-resistance, thus can be used in seawater or chlorine.
Easily alloyed
Titanium has unlimited applications in alloys with iron, aluminium, nickel and vanadium.
Titanium has no magnetic properties and extremely low thermal and electrical conductivity.
Titanium is fully biocompatible, and is not absorbed by or dissolved in the human body.
Strength-to-weight ratio
Titanium is the strongest metal known to humanity. Stronger than steel yet 45% lighter. 60% denser than aluminium but over two times as strong.
Titanium resists extreme temperatures and has a very high melting of 3,034°F and boiling point of 5,949°F.
Thanks to the unique properties of titanium, the goods demonstrate an extraordinary performance. Industrial, automotive, aerospace, military and medical applications have proven the value of this miracle metal.
But expanding the benefits of titanium to more applications and markets was constrained by the high cost of titanium metal.
Imagine a world where titanium was available at a dramatically lower cost and advanced manufacturing could make new titanium products available to new markets in sporting equipment, medical implants, automotive parts and bicycles, jewelry, and more.
TitanEra’s vision for the future of titanium:
Reduce the cost of producing titanium metal

Titanera is commercializing the Titanera Process to replace 80-year old Kroll Process and effectively manufacture titanium metal.

Save natural resources

The new method does not generate harmful waste or emissions, and is less energy-intensive.

Introduce new production technologies
Fast growth of additive manufacturing drastically changes the titanium powder metallurgy.
Extend the benefits of titanium to new markets
Affordable titanium and new manufacturing technologies will make it the metal of choice for a wide variety of goods.
Our scientists reduced the cost of titanium goods production fourfold.
The new Titanera Process is less energy-intensive, has fewer production stages, and dramatically reduces the price of titanium thanks to the production of revenue-generating by products. In addition, it generates zero waste. With the new method, our company will make titanium usable in the production of all metal goods and create an affordable and high-performing alternative to stainless steel and aluminium.
Using scientific innovations to save the environment
TitanEra’s technology eliminates the harmful waste usually created during titanium production. By lowering the temperature of feedstock processing, we significantly reduce carbon emissions, while the commercialization of revenue-generating byproducts is dramatically lowering the price of titanium. TitanEra’s titanium is a truly green metal.
TitanEra’s titanium is affordable for everyone
For nearly a century, titanium has held the status of an elite metal used by industries that never compromise on quality, such as aerospace, aviation, and shipbuilding. But titanium is now moving away from this exclusive club to become a metal for all of us, as rising living standards globally increase demand for high-performance materials.
With its new manufacturing method, TitanEra will make titanium usable in the production of all metal goods and create an affordable and high-performing alternative to stainless steel and aluminum. Thanks to its quality, titanium is capturing new consumer markets in sports equipment, medical implants, automobiles, bicycle parts, and jewelry, while increasing its presence in the defense and aerospace industries.