TitanEra is the first company in Ukraine and the world to build a pilot plant for the production of titanium powder and final titanium goods based on the patented Titanera Process.


lines for the production of pilot goods have been launched at the R&D center


500 tpa of titanium goods

full launch of the plant
Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region

TitanEra’s operations are based on Velta’s 15 years of experience in the global mining industry and patents for affordable titanium and its alloys.

Velta built the first in independent Ukraine titanium mining and processing complex from scratch. The facility operates on the basis of Birzulivske deposit of ilmenite ores.

Velta’s founders and the team had implemented a successful mining project, after which they decided to develop the company in the innovative sector of titanium metallurgy.


Since 2012, the company has mined, enriched, and shipped over 1,205,000 tons of unique high-titanium feedstock, the volume of which is limited in the world. 



Since 2017, Velta’s own R&D center has developed and patented an innovative technology for the production of titanium metal and its alloys.


In 2021, the company’s management has decided to split the mining and innovative businesses. Velta Holding now manages the mining assets, and TitanEra holding controlsthe high-tech facilities.


Titanium feedstock mining continues to play the key part in our scientific breakthrough.

years of growth
of the global titanium feedstock market
of feedstock is exported worldwide, including Chemours (DuPont), Precheza та Traxys
national patents for the affordable titanium production method


R&D investment in 4 years

Strong, lightweight, heat resistant, and fully biocompatible, titanium has already been established as the metal of the future and technological innovation. Its production traditionally has required the energy-consuming, costly, and low-output Kroll process. It involves the creation of a large amount of chemical waste, including CO2, and the use of chlorine, which only contributes to the globe’s environmental challenges.


Andriy Brodskyy, CEO and majority shareholder, saw this vulnerability as an immense opportunity to change the entire metals industry. He hired the best scientific experts in metallurgy and chemistry to launch an R&D facility to completely rethink the way titanium is produced.

Thanks to $3.5M investment in R&D over the past four years, the scientists of Velta RD Titan have developed, improved and patented an absolutely new method of titanium metal and alloys production. The company now holds two national patents.


Titanera Process is less energy-intensive, has fewer production stages, generates zero waste and reduces the cost of titanium 4-fold due to the production of valuable byproducts.


With it, the company will make titanium usable in the production of all metal goods and create an affordable and high-performing alternative to stainless steel and aluminum that currently dominate the market.


TitanEra sees the future of its affordable and green titanium on mass markets, in home appliances, electronics, medical devices, and sporting goods, while also increasing its presence in the defense and aerospace industries.


Titanera Process produces titanium faster, with substantially lower energy consumption, while eliminating toxic wastes and еmissions.