01 September, 2021

» First Ukrainian Mission to the Moon to Use Innovative Titanium

KYIV, August 30, 2021 — Spacebit (UK) announced Ukraine’s first mission to the Moon, which will take place in 2022. Companies from Great Britain, the USA, Luxembourg, Japan and Ukraine are taking part in preparing the mission. Among them is TitanEra (UA), who will produce the body of the research probe using its own innovative green titanium.

The probe body is planned to be printed from titanium powder, which TitanEra receives through its patented Titanera Process. The company has already produced the required amount of powder for 3D printing of lunar rover parts in its R&D center and is ready to proceed to production and testing.

“I believe in the commercialization of space and the prospects for lunar mining. It is important that thanks to private initiatives Ukraine is already moving in this direction, following the leading countries, the USA and China,” said Andriy Brodskyy, Titanera CEO.

The mission will be the fourth to deliver cargo to the surface of the Moon. This will become possible thanks to the cooperation of Spacebit (UK) with the American companies United Launch Alliance and Astrobotic Technology within the scope of the NASA CLPS program. Pavlo Tanasyuk, the founder and CEO of Spacebit, highlighted the importance of international cooperation and noted that modern achievements in space are made by joint efforts.

The collected scientific data will be transmitted online to Earth, and studied by the scientific communities of Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The previous three countries that collected information on the Moon—the United States, China and Russia—classified the data obtained.

TitanEra is a Ukrainian company, whose operations are based on 15 years of experience of the Velta team in the global titanium industry. TitanEra is the first in the world to build a pilot plant for the production of titanium final goods, bypassing the titanium sponge stage and using its own patented Titanera Process. The process allows for obtaining titanium faster, with much lower energy consumption, and without creating harmful waste or emissions. Production lines for pilot goods have been launched at the R&D center.

Spacebit is a private British company that develops space robotics technologies for lunar and planetary missions. Spacebit was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian Pavel Tanasyuk.


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