06 October, 2021

» Expo 2020: Ukraine presented the national titanium flag, which would be sent to the Moon

From October 1 to March 31 Dubai (UAE) holds Expo 2020—the World Exposition of Innovation and Technology—where the Ukrainian pavilion will present the titanium flag of Ukraine. The flag was made by TitanEra LLC to be sent to the Moon with the British-Ukrainian Spacebit mission in 2022 as part of NASA’s CLPS program. The purpose of the mission is to study the soil, temperature and radiation levels.

“This is an important signal to the global community: Ukraine is returning to space and to the production of space metal—titanium. It is crucial that both directions are based on cutting-edge innovations. The titanium used for manufacturing the flag of Ukraine is obtained by Ukrainian scientists at TitanEra. The production of this metal is completely green, meeting the social demand. I believe that the future belongs to the collaboration of ambitious business startups,” said Andriy Brodskyy, CEO of TitanEra LLC.

The flag is made of titanium, obtained through the company’s proprietary Titanera Process, the green patented technology. The yellow and blue colors are applied not by standard painting, but by the laser oxidation; laser’s impact creates an oxide film, the thickness of which defines the color of the metal. This method will help preserve the colors longer, both during delivery and in an aggressive space environment. The weight of the flag is only 30 grams, which is critical during expensive space transportation. Meanwhile its unique properties, such as strength and durability, will allow for keeping the trace of Ukraine in space for a long time.

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